Flight Centre Booking App booking system screens
Booking Product Card (Mobile View)


Flight Centre retails model has mainly been focus on it's shop and the customer repeat. The website’s role is to channel the user to call, email or chat to a consultant.
The consultant then will provide a more personal touch on a flight booking and try to add extras.

Business Goals

Introduce an e-commerce platform on the website and the creation of an app. Ultimately increasing bookings and sales.

My Goal

To deliver usable designs, allowing the user journey to achieve the main purpose which is to buy a flight, choose meals, select a seat, purchase the flight and suggest some possible hotels we can help the customer with.

My Role

UX and UI

The Challenge

• Many competitors such a Skyscanner and Kayak providing the same service we can only provided a simpler user experience and more competitive prices.
• Flights Booking Apps by nature have to provide considerable amount of information, we found this when the user travels to two or more destinations and non directs flights

The Solution

• The solution that the lead UX designer and I took was to remove the unnecessary information and keep just the most important details making the user journeys easy and simple.
• A meticulous UI work to make the stop over information clear and concise on small devices.

The User Testing

We performed moderated testing on our low-res wireframes to 5 customers in our shops, asking then to book a flight on given dates to Brisbane, look at the breakdown, compare prices with other airlines, to sort by price. In all devices.
User testin ggrbb
Testing interview questions

The Insights

• 5 did find the filter to sort by price at a first instance
• 4 out of 5 clicked on view details to gain extra info about return flight and stop overs.
• 5 had no problems comparing prices
• 4 commented that they will like to see direct fight first and then indirect flights

The Product Design

Flight Centre Booking System Desktop graphic
Booking Product Card (Desktop View)
 Design System for flight centre
Booking Product Card (Desktop View)

Measuring Success

The e-commerce site and app initially increase the sales to 20%.