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GPS drive users seem to direct the  same roads and they have been complaining that the roads are very busy, producing traffic jams.


Is a GPS app.


Anybody who has download the app and is using it, drivers.


Some struggles from users who are getting stuck in traffic
Assumptions; Obviously people do not know the road.
The user relies on the GPS.
Have we looked into any solution already?
Have we got any data from any research?
Have we looked at competitors?
Have we asked the user if they feel what they can do instead?
What do they do? They get stuck? They looked at other apps and saw if they gave them any other route?

Brainstorming / Solution

1.- The algorithm is currently analysing what is going with the traffic so depending on what data is getting is giving some info such traffic levels and also alternative routes.
What we could do is give alternative routes based on less used roads, such as suburban roads, roads that usually locals know.

2.- weather can affect the roads, when it rains people drive more often than catching the public transport so the road gets much busier.


In terms of cost, this solution can be a medium to high development and research cost, due to finding and studding some new routes which might involve looking at those al​ternative routes through the suburbs