Flight Centre retails model has mainly been focus on it's shop and the customer repeat. The website’s role is to channel the user to call, email or chat to a consultant.
The consultant then will provide a more personal touch on a flight booking and try to add extras.

Business Goals

Business goal increase booking and user experience.

User Needs

• Long and uninspiring form
• Recently enquire dropped and user abandonment.

My Role

UX and UI

The User Research

I set-up a survey in hotjar asking our users to tell us ‘how was the experience when filling the form up.

The Insights

• The user felt that too many destinations on the drop-down making long and daunting.
• The user did not even recognize some of the destinations
• The form asked too many questions
• During the research, I come across the problem of how they know where the user ends their trip?

The Solution

• I remove the drop-downs menu and implement free text fields,
I trust the user to know their wish destinations
• I thought the introduction of a map will allow the user to easily pins destinations
• A few solutions were put on the table such a put by default the outbound flight but I was worried that the user will not realize and have to come back to their original destination, So I such to put a tick box at the end of '+ Add destinations'.
Trip planner functionality wireframe

The Design

Main fuctionality ui screens.

Meassuring Success

• We kept monitoring the user interaction via session-cam and see that the user behaved as expected
• The booking  enquires increase by 16% comparing with the previous form.