fLIGHT CENTRe Escapes/journey holidays case STUDY


Flight Centre Booking App booking system screens
Product Card and Product detail (Mobile & Desktop View)


Flight Centre needed to review the product card and the product detail for ‘Journeys’ and ‘Escapes’. Escapes are all-inclusive beach holidays and Journeys are multi destination holidays including hotels and activities. All products can be tailored to the customer’s needs.

Business Goals

Increase enquires and user engagement.

My Goal

To improve the information architecture and content design, making it easier for the user to digest the detail of each product and derive as much information as possible about their chosen trip.

My Role

UX and UI

The Challenge

The layout of the existing template felt unstructured and unappealing to users. Page time was low with high abandonment. The challenge was to engage the user’s attention, encourage them to remain longer, and to increase enquiries.

The User Testing

We carried out unmoderated interviews with users based on our chosen demographic (50+). Questions were prepared in conjunction with the lead UX designer, focusing in particular on user priorities and key engagement aspects. Interviewees were invited to participate after selection from Flight Centre’s customer database. Participants were rewarded for taking part by receiving discount vouchers on Flight Centre products. During hour-long conversations by phone/video call conducted by the Lead UX designer and myself, interviewees were asked how they felt about the product card and the product detail for both Journeys and Escapes. I recorded their answers, in particular highlighting whether the existing page fulfilled each user’s overall needs.

Main Insights from Escapes

• Users wished to see more information about destinations.
• Insufficient photos of hotels.
• Hotel locations were unclear.
• Flight information was insufficient.

Main Insights from Journeys

• Users were generally pleased about the map and all the destinations as a guide point.
• The existing itinerary was uninspiring and had insufficient information to convince users to enquire further.


• Add more content to the website in order to encourage users to engage with a more detailed itinerary.
• Add an image gallery with extra content about hotel facilities.
• Add a section / link explaining Journeys and Escapes in detail.
• Accentuating the experience instead of focusing on price and practicalities.
• Enhancing user confidence by increasing review numbers using a Trustpilot slideshow.
Flight Centre Booking System Desktop graphic
Product card development
“I structured the page focusing on the holiday experience, not on price.”

The Solution

• Include detailed daily itineraries with hotel information, incorporating tour details and photo galleries, more Trustpilot reviews on Journeys, and a tab system on Escapes  describing room types and hotel facilities.  In this way, users  engagement was maintained and they were more would be more inclined to book holidays.

• To encourage users to feel they were getting value for money, the CTA was moved from the top right to a less prominent position after the inclusions and the benefits of booking a Journey or Escape.

• Present a clear message with a ‘happier’ tone that was more embedded in the user’s intended experience and less formulaic.

The Product Design

Before and After Journeys Holidays
Final Design Product Detail Journey Holidays
Grab showing amends done after UX Insights
Final Design Product Detail Escapes Holidays

Measuring Success

Monitoring GA and Session Cam and the user stay longer in the pages interacting with the gallery, the information in the tabs and the itineraries.
The new Product Detail increase the enquires from 40% to 80%. It was great a successful I was very happy to be part of it.